• avk4 is an ongoing multimedia project initiated by oscar loeser and me
    researching the usage of projection and installation in urban spaces and performing arts
    impressions from work as stagemanager / cam op / show runner
    2021 commisioned by serve-u i have been working with the Berlinale Talents to find an "online substitute" for their traditional Festival Format.
    We did a mixture of Online Conferences and Public Streams. I had the pleasure to be the live content director.
    In 2022 my role extended as we could upfront design the set.

    Here you find some recordings & Photos of 2021 & 2022.

    live set & lighting design for riki von falken piece
    "Die Architektur einer Line"

    photographs by Dieter Hartwig
    I had the opportunity to work with Heide Schollähn on a mini-set promoting the productions of this lovely well curated theatre.
    In celebration of the 60 Birthday of the cult TV Puppet Sandmann. The Filmmuseum Potsdam opened an Exhibition.
    I have been involved in the process, designing media experiences and taking care of the light design.
    gemischte Erinnerungen
    Projektfotos Bühnenboden Bau für »Luther dancing with the gods« by Robert Wilson Rundfunkchor Berlin @Boulezsaal
    "Eine Welt für Madurer"
    a theatre laboratory after the story by Roberto Piumini, being in charge of the production design ( projection, stage & lighting designer & tech consultant )
    stage adaption by Horst Lonius a production of piktopanoptikum
    verlorene bilder = [lost images], is my diploma project @
    stage design department in weißensee
    a research, reflection about the production of images and questioning the life span of our memories
    i worked with undeveloped color film material from 1959 and tried to produce / reproduce images
    shadows of our imagination, wrapped in the mysteries of the analog age
    a sound / found object installation
    as part of the parcour-2 (2008)
    the assistant exhibition at the
    salzburger summeracademie
    bringing chamäleon productions show leo to the edinburgh fringe festival 2011
    and touring the world with round about 250 shows in 10 countries
    working as the td / stage manager and video specialist
    Redesigning the set for
    fabrik companys Pandora 88

    utilising a bent timber construction to reduce the panel thickness getting a significant cut on the transport weight
    original designs by raiko epperlein
    design & modifications for Tobias Wegners
    researching & manufacturing a custom solution for his set & developing an easy to use video interface / controller with isadora
    lighting and some stage thoughts for the reddog theater production
    "esel sucht schwein"